The world most popular filtration material: stainless steel wire mesh and mesh screen

stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh |stainless steel mesh screen|stainless steel wire screen

Stainless steel wire mesh |Stainless steel mesh screen | stainless steel wire screen | stainless steel screening Stainless steel wire mesh |Stainless steel mesh screen is one kind very good filtration material in many different field.
Hebei general metal netting Co.,ltd produce and export different sizes stainless steel wire mesh all over the world which have its very goods feature .
Our products used widely in acid and alkali conditions for screening and filtering,like used as mud mesh in oil industry,filter screen in chemical industry,pickling mesh in electroplate industry , filtration and separation for gas, liquid with other media and filter ,filter disc ,etc .
Material:SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316 or SUS316L wire Woven patterns : plain weave, twill weave, Dutch plain weave , Dutch twill weave,Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Cloth and Five Heddle Weave Wire Cloth.
For use : we have Ultra-thin Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Screen Printing.
It uses as Screen Printing,just because extension is small,wire is thin,made by stainless steel .The feature of Stainless steel wire mesh is good wear resistance, high strength ,good mechanical properties and chemical stability,high mesh size accuracy stability.
Size : 1m width 30m length ,others size on request.
Wire Mesh Packing: wrapped with moister-proof paper, then in wooden cases.

We can supply stainless steel square woven wire mesh from 1mesh to 635mesh.Stainless steel dutch plain wire cloth from 12meshX64mesh to 80meshX700mesh.Stainless steel Dutch twill weave wire cloth from 20meshX250mesh to 400meshX2800mesh. We also supply 600 mesh.Others on clients’ demand .
If you have anything to ask ,please feel free to contact us ,we will reply you at once.
Please note :
Some people copy our web content or use our company to contact client , All contact in our web is true ,other email outside our web is invalid and phony.
Our contact is as follows: info@weldmeshfence.comURL: http://www.weldmeshfence.comTel: 86-318-5283135 Fax: 86-318-7757320Contact : mr philip and ms jenny


About weldmeshfence

I am jennis zhao ,i am international sales manager of hebei general metal netting Co.,ltd which belongs to hengshui werson wire mesh fence Group . Our company and our Group mainly produce many kinds of wire mesh ,wire mesh fence , Ornamental Fences,balcony security fence and window grill,etc. I have export nearly 10 years,our products is very popular in th world. My clients and friends is more all over the world,we cooperate very well .I am very glad to take this job. I want to make more and more friend at any chance.For more information for our products,please visit our web : Hope we go ahead hand by hand with our excellent product quality ,best service ,good price,good communion.
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