werson valovitih mrež

cprimped mesh | valovitih mrež

cprimped mesh | valovitih mrež

cprimped mesh | valovitih mrež

cprimped mesh | valovitih mrež

Hengshui werson wire mesh fence Co.,Ltd Hengshui werson panelne ograje in žične Mrežne Co.,Ltd proizvajajo valovitih mrež .
Valovite mreže izdelujemo kot polproizvod iz svetlo vlečene, pocinkane, nerjavne (INOX) ali aluminijaste žice.
Standardna velikost mrež je 1000 x 2000 mm. Velikost mrež lahko naredimo po vaših željah. Maximalna velikost mrež je razvidna iz posameznih tabel, pri čemur se da nekatere kombinacije narediti tudi večje.
Za več informacij se obrnite na nas: URL: http://www.weldmeshfence.com http://www.generalmesh.com
Please note :
Some people copy our web content or use our company to contact client , All contact in our web is true ,other email outside our web is invalid and phony.
Our contact is as follows:
E-mail:sales@generalmesh.com info@generalmesh.com
sales@weldmeshfence.com info@weldmeshfence.com


About weldmeshfence

I am jennis zhao ,i am international sales manager of hebei general metal netting Co.,ltd which belongs to hengshui werson wire mesh fence Group . Our company and our Group mainly produce many kinds of wire mesh ,wire mesh fence , Ornamental Fences,balcony security fence and window grill,etc. I have export nearly 10 years,our products is very popular in th world. My clients and friends is more all over the world,we cooperate very well .I am very glad to take this job. I want to make more and more friend at any chance.For more information for our products,please visit our web : http://www.weldmeshfence.com http://www.generalmesh.com Hope we go ahead hand by hand with our excellent product quality ,best service ,good price,good communion.
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